11 Signs that Indicates Your Bae is A Gold Digger


Have you ever been trapped in your relationship with someone?  If yes, you must be careful next time and if not, you must keep in mind some signs to keep yourself alert. Specifically, you must keep an eye on your Bae whether she is a gold digger or not. The word gold-digger meaning is usually a woman trying to attract a rich person in order to get gifts or money. The world is full of gold-diggers, recognizing them is necessary. Here are some signs using them you can get a fair idea about your Bae.

1. Asking questions

Your bae will be constantly asking you questions about your salary, family status, parental savings, inheritance, and savings and about your social status. This is the first sign that you probably got yourself a gold digger.
Mahira khan Meme2. Too much too soon

Soon you will realize that you have been spending thousands of rupees every time you meet your bae compared with rest of the expenses you had on your previous dates.  Your bae will never pay when she’s with you because she thinks she deserves such protocol.
Pakistani Cash3. Personal ATM

Every time you meet her she would bleat about her financial crisis and would indirectly demand from you to help her get through it.
Personal ATM4. Expects gifts

Women need to be flattered by gifts, quite some of them need them regularly or some of them need it on special occasions. But if she’s forcing you to gift her according to her preference and those gifts are expensive than without a doubt your bae is a gold digger.

5. Living beyond her means

Your bae might be living in very basic conditions but wears best brands and would demand to be taken to expensive places to maintain her lifestyle which she can’t afford on her own. Another sign of GOLD DIGGER!
shopping lover6. Acquiring high social status

If you are a person of high social status, she probably is with you to get the same attention. Going to big events, driving expensive cars, eating in expensive restaurants and meeting celebrities to increase their social circle. Your gold digger bae will accompany you to every party you attend even if it’s not related to her. She simply is taking advantage of your status to increase their social circle among higher ranks of society.
gold digger7. Does not use the word thank you or please

Your bae wouldn’t say “please” or “thank you” because she will start expecting that everything you do for her she deserves it and she expects this type of behavior all the time. She wouldn’t appreciate anything you do for her and would start becoming more notorious as your relationship goes on.

reham khan8. She will get mad if she doesn’t get what she wants

Your gold digger bae will be mad at you and won’t talk to you if you aren’t satisfying her i.e giving her gifts of her demands, taking her to expensive places, buying her jewelry and giving her proper time.

9. She doesn’t know you

Soon you will realize that the person who you call “bae” doesn’t know you well enough and is merely a money grabber. She doesn’t know about your likes and dislikes and always prefer her likes over you.
humsafar10. Mention other people

Your bae will mention other people in her gossip (probably other gold diggers) that how she used to party with them or about her friend’s relationships that how much they are enjoying with each other to just force you to pay more attention towards her.

11. Hates other women

Your bae will have a constant eye on you and would ask questions about your routine whenever you meet her. These gold diggers always look-after their backs and hate other pretty girls to interact with you.
angry girl


These signs are not complete but sufficient to get a good mindset to remain aware of the gold-diggers in a desi-relationship. Keep them in mind and keep yourself away from the fraudulent.

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