Edhi – The Hope We Have Lost But the Legend Stays in Our Heart Forever


“Humanity is greater than the religion” he proclaimed. Edhi was the person who was always ready to lend his help to people in a vulnerable state. He was the sign of humanity in this inhuman world. A true inspiration for millions who served humanity for 70 Years. Edhi was always compassionate to help others, and that distinguishes him from others.


Mr. Edhi was born in 1928, in a village near Jonagarh, which is marked as the birth of the savior of humanity. At the age of eleven, his mother got paralyzed, followed by mental illness. Moreover, his mother died, when he was 19 years old. This had a tremendous effect on Mr. Edhi. This loss of his made him ponder about several people, with no one to take care of them. He decided to develop the voluntary services for the people, who were suffering.


After the Independence, he along with his family shifted to Karachi. Firstly, he worked as a peddler, and then as a commission agent. Finally, after a few years, he left his occupation and established a dispensary, with the help of members of his community, for poor people in Karachi, with only $500. Hence, his vision made him begin his own welfare trust, after his own name “EDHI TRUST”. People gave a positive response by raising the donation up to 200000/- Rs. The services expanded within a few years. A cradle was put outside The Edhi Foundation, for avoiding the abandonment of children.

edhi welfareOrphanages were also established, with 50,000 orphans, being taken care by Mr. Edhi himself. And then many were also sent to the families, those loved them. He always made sure that, orphanages are treated well and became the father of the fatherless. He also argued for the issuance of identity card for the orphans. Today, there are 300 voluntary services, 24-hour medical dispensaries, a hotline for missing people, shelters for people and largest morgue in Pakistan.

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Mr. Edhi, although was an Islamic person, but he was very open-minded towards various social issues, around 500 women were working in Edhi foundation. He always opens his arms for all the humans, despite thinking of their religion. For his humanitarian work, he was awarded Gandhi- Peace Award and Madanjeet Singh Award, and many more.


On June 2013, his kidney failed, and it was announced that he will be on dialysis unless he found a suitable donor. But he laid down to death on 8 July 2016, at the age of 88. Furthermore, his last wish included to donate all his organs, but due to his illness, only his eye became suitable for donation. He was bu

edhi dead body

ried in Edhi Village. He was given a state funeral.

Although, in an interview given to a journalist in Lahore in 1991, Edhi said “I want to request the people not to invite me to social gatherings and inaugural ceremonies. This only wastes my time which is wholly devoted to the well-being of our people.”

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