Our Story

Jubroon is for the modern, young and contemporary youth of Pakistan. The sole purpose of Jubroon is to provide the modern generation with the finest and top-notch content. We cater happenings all over the world especially in Pakistan, in meaningful stories which would engage and lighten up ourselves.

about jubroon koi jorr nahi

Yaar, Yeh “Jubroon” Naam Kyun Rakha?

The whole idea behind Jubroon is to bring interactive and purposeful stories for Pakistanis. And as in Urdu we say “Jubroon” is something which is colossal and outstanding. The same story goes with our content. So yes, you can also get the idea why our slogan is “Koi Jorr Nahe” Kyon k hamara waqai Koi Jorr Nahe.