Another Side of Nouman Ali Khan’s Controversial Chat Leak


Okay ladies and gentlemen, episode two of “let’s throw mud at someone” continues. This time with the screenshots of Nouman Ali khan being leaked.

This guy came up with some Sherlock Holmes detective stuff.
so here it is:

Rumors are carried by fools, spread by haters and accepted by idiots.

Hello everyone, we all live in a world filled with lies. It’s a natural phenomenon that we try to pull legs of people those who try to get ahead of us. I am no one here to judge anyone as it stays with the God Almighty but I am just here to make my claim to this recent act of Ustad Nouman Ali Khan.

We all are really not sure of what is going on with his personal life but it’s not even our matter to discuss. He has given and done too much in the name of Allah and I respect that. Recently, someone uploaded a claim with some screenshots of his conversation that how stoop did he go. Yes, being all desi tan people, we went hyper and took this matter to heart since this is what we are best at without confirming or making sure of it if it’s really true or not. Then, someone online Jihadi’s started to spread this message without knowing that they are taking a part in the hereafter too that they tried to judge someone who calls himself as the representative of Islam and you people tried to defame him as much as you can; whatever the reason maybe.

I don’t really act out of my moods and carry no act of judgement but in the recent showcases like of Mahira Khan, Aamir Khan and now him. I thought of clearing somethings from my side. Again, i carry no judgement. It’s just some proof’s that I want to attach for all the pseudo people out there. Judge when you’re 100% sure.

Let’s go with the flow.
1) We have seen his screenshots that we followed and spread bluntly. Now, when you look clearly into these screenshots, you will see it’s an iPhone. So i tried to exchange this same conversation with a friend in order to see if all these chat boxes are for real in first place. And the answer is NO! Look at the screenshots i told my friend to take and compare with his. The alignment of the boxes is not even same. For e.g. look at his message of “Make dua my hot Fantasy” and then look at the one I exchanged. Surely, the difference is super clear. It’s fabricated
Nuaman ali khan chat leak
2) After the famous incident of Calibri, I’m surprised how our people are still blind to this. The font is actually different. Yes, it’s a very acute replica of the real font but it’s not the same. You can check thickness of Alphabets which says about it. I’ve attached super close views of both of conversation. Again, get yourself cleared about it.

3) If you tilt your laptop screen a bit, you will see all the boxes in the Nouman Ali’s conversation are re-colored. There are actually different shades of white. One of them is on the part of the conversation that was retyped for such purpose. It’s easily doable on Photoshop but still this person was not so professional at it.

4)Now if you follow the real post. Answer this

– Why do none of the screenshot timing match with one another? Why do they differ with more than a minute in the majority of the cases? What was the reason behind taking a single screenshot at a time? And of the same conversation at another time? With changed battery signs in different pictures? Does this mean, the same conversation in two different mobiles? He surely missed his chance here.

5) If all of these are screenshots from mobile then why is there a blue border around one of the screenshots? It’s a cut tool used via computer! Obviously, it just can’t be done solely through mobile.

6) I saved this one for the last, since out of my curiosity, I’ve always learned doing some crazy stuff since childhood so i thought to bring one into action. I’ve attached both the real and the altered convo with a friend. That’s a fabrication you may want to see. This proves all the content you see on screenshots can never be proved to be real. At least he should have avoided paint which started me to question and check all these proofs.

I am no one to judge here, he may can be wrong or right and that’s not my job. What he has done for Islam is something you won’t even do 1% of it. So kindly let go, or karma won’t strike you as a bitch one day too. Kindly focus on your own issues because apne qabar main aur kisi ko lay kar ni jana and I believe at the end, Allah is the best judge and also the most merciful one.

P.S: About this wahayati qamar nangi picture. Come on, he’s trying to show shoulder cuts after gym. It’s no big deal.

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