Desi Food Places in Karachi You Just Cannot Ignore


Desi food reminds us of home. It satisfies our taste palette in a way that junk food never can. McDonald’s and all the different cafés with their fancy steaks and pasta offer a tasty and exotic change, but life does not feel normal without desi food. Just like Gujranwala is known for its mathai, Karachi is especially known for its biryani. But not to worry, there is a wide range of mouth-watering desi cuisine offered in this city. Here are some of those places:

Khanji hi hai Kafi

Khanji is not hard to spot at all. It is located on connecting street between 26th street and Dolmen Mall Clifton. The entire place is decorated with truck art and so is a beloved tourist site. If that doesn’t make your desi parts comfortable, the quality of the food and service will satisfy it in no time. The menu is extensive, containing a variety of vegetarian and meat options. It’s is usually lauded as one of the best BBQ places. The impeccable and personalized service adds to the charm and desi food feel of the entire place. Eating there is an entire experience, rather than an activity.


Javed Nihari

Lacking the modern touch of Khanji, Javed Nihari is a dhaba that almost every Karachite has bought nihari from. Specializing in nihari only makes the final product so much more delicious. Along with Zahid Nihari, this place offers a desi culture and cuisine enjoyed by our grandparents, in its raw form. Yes, this is one of those places comprising the “good ol’ days” category. Go have a taste, and see what the deal is with this place’s local repute.

Javed Nihari

If you’re a Lahori, then we have got a list for you too. Satisfy your desi food cravings right now. 

Rajdhani Delights

Situated on Khayaban-e-Iqbal Road, Rajdhani Delights is one of the numbered places whose menu is centered around the thaali tradition. Various authentic Pakistani cuisine is offered in little amounts with cultured chutneys that provide an altogether different experience for the palette. The timely service ensures that this dine out is a memorable walk down the desi lane.

Rajdhani Delights

Desi Food by Bolan Sajji

Bolon Sajji is another well-known desi place with its varied menu of karahis, kababs, and tikkas. Along with being reasonably priced, its chicken and mutton menu is prepared in family spices that leave the taste palette desiring for more. There is so much to explore on this menu, just go and give it a try!

Bolan Sajji House


Chatkharay not only offers desi lunches and dinners but also desi snacks. It’s just the right spot if you are craving a light desi food like fruit chaat.  All those stalls offering samosas, dahi bhallay etc have been gathered together into one menu, making sure that your experience is desi from the appetizer to the dessert. As a plus, it is reasonably priced.

Chatkharay desi foodSo, these are five delicious and popular desi places to visit if you ever set foot in Karachi. If you are a resident, you most probably already know of all these delicious options, but just in case you don’t, do give it a try!

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