Desi Feminists Are On A Roll And We’re Like ‘Shabaash’


Desi And Proud?

Being a Pakistani means not just a typical but a hardcore desi to the roots. Either it be a desi food lover, desi romantic or a desi speaker. We all Pakistanis have, I quote “desimundas and desikurria” hidden inside our “wannabe burger bacha selves” no matter how much we try to hide it off.

Desi and proud
feminists and proud


The ‘F’ word

As modern and desi liberals, we find it our utmost duty to put forward our opinions on every single trending topic. The one, especially the top controversies on which our desi selves start drooling right away. Talking about controversial topics. One scandalous word comes to my “too complicated for you” mind, the oh-so glorious F- word! No, I’m not talking about THAT F- word. I’m basically referring to the word that according to our desis means to beat the hell out of all narcissistic men, FEMINISTS!

Equal Rights For Everyone

Being a woman I have encountered many queries regarding the feminists theory and have also been targeted by some of the cool dudes of our society asking whether I’m a feminist in Pakistan or a feminazi. Well! The answer to this is simple, “I’m a desi feminist who believes in equal rights and that women should be treated equally to men. Except when women are treated better.” I’m super proud of the fact that I’m not alone in this war of the Titans. There are a lot of other angels (like me; saying this in a papa’s princess voice) who support feminism in Pakistan and are super desis. You might want to have a look at what they say!!

After such posts oozing with des–feminists and sarcasm our modern Pakistani men and women also set the goals to backlash these desi feminists by announcing a war of sexes.

Some of the best posts were:



Celebrities Are Our Saviors

While talking about the commoners how can’t I mention our glitzy celebrities of Pakistan who both are a combination of feminism and liberalism. Some of the celebrities were asked about feminism among-st which the answers of the stars; Momina Mustehsan, Ali Zafar, VJ Anoushey Ashraf and Shehryar Munawar caught the eyes and ears of many. While Momina Mustehsan and Anoushey Ashraf thought the F-Word is quite scary and it could get them in trouble, Ali Zafar stated that “feminism means to care about what women care.” and Shehryar Munawar, on the other hand, considered feminism to be a misinterpreted word.

pakistani feminist actors

Women Empowerment, Godspeed

Concluding on a positive note that feminism does not revolve around just wearing what you feel like or having the liberty of doing what pleases you or criticizing men. It is the advocacy of women’s rights on equal grounds which means to treat women as women and provide them the respect and worthwhile rank they deserve in this society. So instead of being a desi feminist who brags about women as a substance try to become a desi feminist that talks about women as a substance of humanity.

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