Pakistan and 15 Mind blowing Facts You Did Not Know – No. 3 is Whoa


the PAKISTAN became independent in 1947. After that, it started to develop and puts itself on the map. Pakistan is the 6th most populous country. Various religion and cultures related people reside in Pakistan. Some of the genius people were able to take the country to great popularity.

Few people might know that Pakistan has some interesting achievements. Let’s have a look:

15. A nuclear state

Most of us already know that Pakistan is a nuclear state, so what is new in that, it is the first Islamic state to have a grasp on nuclear power, and have become more powerful.

Pakistan a nuclear state

14. Voluntary ambulance service

Abdul Sattar Edhi, started the voluntary service in 1948, which have now paved its way to the world’s largest ambulance service, with 2500 +  ambulances spread in all over the country.

Edhi Ambulance Service

13. Friends themed café

Friends, the popular show got its first themed restaurant in Lahore. The show that is loved by millions and the café that was the life of the show, was opened in this country.

Friends Cafe Lahore

12. Existence

The country is an Islamic state and majority of the population are Muslim. So it such an interesting fact that Pakistan came into existence on 27th Ramazan, the most sacred day. It is the day when holy Quran was sent for the betterment of the world.

27 Ramzan11. Cricket returns Home

After 6 years, cricket returned to Pakistan. After the misfortunate event in 2009, the country was able to bring cricket back by erasing all the troublesome forces.

Cricket in Pakistan

Don’t you guys just love Lahore?

Here’s everything you need to know about this beautiful and lively city.

10. Smallest Quran

Smallest Quran in the world is published by Dr. Muhammad Karim Beebani back in 2004. It is 571 pages long and measures as small as 1.7cm*1.28cm*0.72cm in dimension.

Smallest Quran

9. World’s Second Most Beautiful Capital

The capital of the country, Islamabad is the 2nd most beautiful city in the world. The city has a lot of places worth seeing such as Lok Virsa Museum, Rawal Lake, Faisal Mosque, Pir Sohawa, Islamabad Zoo, Pakistan Museum of National History, the Centaurus Mall, etc. The number one is London.


8. Sheltering Refugees

Pakistan has always been very generous toward other countries and has always opened arms to provide them shelter. Around 1 million Afghani’s are living in Pakistan since the 1970’s. It is the second largest country to provide safe shelters in the world. First is Turkey.

Refugees Pakistan

7. Manpower against Terrorism

Pakistan is the second largest country to provide manpower in the fight against terrorism. Pakistan itself has faced a lot of terror attacks, thus is always willing to and provide the most effective strategies to counter terror attack within and outside the country.

zarb e azb 

6. Dolce and Gabbana

Our very own truck was used in Dolce and Gabbana’s new campaign. They used it to roam around the streets of Milan, to attract people’s attention and it was to use their products on passers across the city. This act of theirs gained a lot of popularity.

dolce and gabbana pakistan

5. Military achievements by Pakistan

Air Commodore Mohammad Mehmmod Alam has a world record of shooting 5 planes in a minute.

mm alam

4. Islamabad Airport

Pakistan, recently developed Islamabad International Airport have become the first airport that is eligible for the landing of the biggest aircraft i.e Airbus A-380.

Islamabad Airport

3. First Anti-Colorism Campaign

Black is beautiful. Beauty is within not from outside. The first anti-colorism campaign was launched by Pakistani girl, Fatima Lodhi.

She stated: “Forget Fair n Lovely, dark is Divine.” The Campaign gained a lot of appreciation worldwide.

anti racism campaign

2. Visual Effect

Have you seen Mission Impossible – Fallout, and loved the film? Well, the film is made by visual effects that make them feel so real that you believe in what’s happening. And the person behind is non-other than a Pakistani, Laraib Atta.

Laraib Atta

1. Prime Minister of Pakistan

It has never happened in the world and will be happening for the first time in the history of the country that a former cricketer becomes the prime minister. Imran Khan, who got the first world cup trophy home, is the current Prime Minister of Pakistan.

imran khan prime minister of pakistan

That’s a wrap for now. Please share your opinion with us under the comment section. Long live Pakistan.

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