Imran Khan’s Speech at UNGA 2019 – Here’s How Pakistanis Understood It

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So, we were waiting on what ridiculous attacks our supposedly educated class comes up with regarding Imran Khan’s speech. Sure enough, they did not disappoint. Here are a few things we have seen so far.

“This speech isn’t going to make a difference! This is not diplomacy.”

Imran khan at UNGA 2019

Yes, we know. UNGA speeches are not a part of diplomacy. Consequently, they have never been. They are part of PR and media campaigns. See it in the context of perception building and media coverage, rather than policy shifts.

“Khan is not the first leader to make a speech at UNGA. You PTI fanatics are born yesterday that’s why you don’t know great speeches made by Benazir Bhutto!”

Watched 2 speeches of Benazir because you said that. In the light of our precious time wasted, we want our 40 minutes back.

Imran Khan at UNGA 2019

“He justified terrorism by saying if I were in that place, I would pick up a gun, too”.

For instance, Imran Khan stated a common-sense fact that when you marginalize an entire group to a point where their life is made worse than death, it is a recipe for radicalizing that entire group. However, the ensuing violence will not be because of Islam or Pakistan, it will be because of how they are being treated and how the world is silently watching. It is not justification, it’s just pointing out the root cause.

“It should have been all about Kashmir. Why did he have to bring corruption into it? Can’t Imran Khan just leave internal politics at home?”

Imran Khan Deserves More Respect

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Imran Khan is the only hope left for Pakistan, here’s a deep analysis of PTI government how they could take Pakistan out of its misery.

That being said, Imran Khan did not name your leader he just said, corrupt politicians. You were the ones who assumed it to be an attack on your leader. I don’t know why. Anyways, as for why he had to bring it up? Because, for DECADES we poor countries have been hounded by global financial powers into implementing banking regulations in the name of anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism, which has destroyed our already fragile business environment. In the meantime, these same rich countries provide a safe haven for ill-gotten wealth that corrupt rulers of the third world have stashed abroad. So, this deserved to be talked about!

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