Jibran Nasir – A Story of Controversial Activist


Born on 10 February 1987 in Karachi, M. Jibran Nasir is a Pakistani civil liberty activist, lawyer and an active blogger. Being awarded a place in the Foreign Policy Magazine for his considerable and liberalized efforts against sectarian violence; Jibran Nasir scored the position of an alpha activist persona among the Pakistani modern community. He was on the top in December 2014, when the dreadful APS Peshawar attack took the innocent lives of the students at liberty and sent them to the dark graves. Considering his actions such as leading a rally, driving several Pakistanis against the Imam of the Red Mosque to get him arrested for issuing threats of violence and inciting hatred, he was threatened with a death sentence via the Taliban Committee.This led to his downfall era where he was accused of blasphemy.
jibran nasir
Being convicted of such secular statements against the Imam of the mosque many anti Shia militant groups who were in favor of the Red Mosque started a trend on twitter namely “#HangJibranNasir” while an image of him being hanged and shoe marks on his photographs were circulated on all social media forums with the conduct that, “He is a man who intends to destroy mosques and tends to spread sectarianism in Pakistan in the name of false liberalism”;
hang jibran nasir
to which he replied “I live by the principle that you only have a certain amount of time here, you might as well spend that speaking the truth,” which was again condemned by many religious people across the country.

In 2015, again with the drama of the desi liberals and for the sake of being publicized he was found leading protests against terrorism in Pakistan and was arrested on 5th February 2015 for protesting near the Chief Minister’s residence along with twenty-six other Civil Society activists.
jibran nasir arrest
Back in early 2017, he was the highlight of all the news and was in limelight due to his prominent support for anti feminism, blasphemous content and three Pakistani bloggers/activists whom people announced as “Pakistani Idiots”, having the same false modern or liberal mindset like him.

jibran tweets

In support of blasphemer pages named “Bhensa” and “Roshni”,  Jibran Nasir potentially supported the three Pakistani secular authors of these blasphemer contents named “Salman Haider, Ahmed Waqas and Asim Saeed” and helped them cover up for their cheap tactics not only on social media forums but also protested in their favor against all the Pakistanis.
The controversy led to his cheap publicity and being on many renowned news channels, where at one point after the matter being flared up to heights of hatred against him and the others he completely disregarded of the matter causing him to delete all his blasphemous tweets and Facebook posts that blasphemed Islam.
The alleged pages have now been ordered a deletion by PEMRA and are long gone like the false tweets of Jibran Nasir but have had a dreadful impact on our Pakistani Society. To this date his tweets and posts circulate in the media marking his pathetic fake personality.
jibran delete tweet
To put forward their views about this irreligious man and his blasphemous content, our Pakistanis inclusive of some highlighted people in Pakistani forum shed their thoughts on both Twitter and Facebook. Following tweets and Facebook posts show both the positive and negative reactions of people of Pakistan.
pakistani seculer
missing persons
Finishing off on the part that working out on the facts and research on Jibran Nasir we have both supporters and people who stand against him. According to my point of view it is not us who decide whether a man is guilty or not. Yes, he did wrong but let he be judged and punished by the Greater Power. As minor human beings all we can do is pray for the betterment of our beloved nation and its safety against such destructive minded people.

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