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Since its birth, Lahore has changed in the hands from Buddhists, Muslims, Sikhs, Hindus and British statute to become the historic city of Pakistan after witnessing the serenity and commotion of these magnificent eras. In Mughal era, the Walled City of Lahore was fortified by city walls and transformed into a ravishing city whose building and structures survived the hazards of time and touched the zenith of glory.

After Independence, it went through a metamorphosis and gradually it took for its expansion but still, the root lies in the walled city of Lahore which is brimming with its Indo-Gothic architecture well remarkable for its variety and zeal. The people living in Lahore still remember the incidents and turbulence which destroyed the harmony during the riots of partition.

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The Beauty Within

Life is much more exciting and charismatic in this city of magnificence and wonders. The first love for inhabitants of the walled city is desi food (mostly lassi and dinner without spices) that their breakfast is incomplete without. It’s totally right to say that the walled city of Lahore is the heaven for foodies all around the country and the non-foodies are not even being considered Lahori.In Pakistan, Lahore’s food street has been designated for serving all tastes and desi cuisines at one place in small shops and restaurants lined together.

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The Everlasting Traditions

The true spirit of life is seen everywhere in the way more than friendly people of walled city, have been living with each other for decades climbing each other’s roofs. Houses are very small but the residents living in them have much bigger hearts to welcome each other, resulting in heartening and amiable relations among neighbors. People have even exasperating yet interesting monikers for each other that if someone is shouting “Sheeda” then he is surely calling someone named “Rasheed”.

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Nothing in this world is flawless, even the moon has craters. In this case, while appreciating the life in walled city of Lahore, One can’t ignore its defects too. Due to the narrow streets,its gate of throne become the gates of moans with no sidewalks, no road segregations and are obviously no fun to drive over in streets full of rush and traffic.

Moreover, the health facilities in the walled city are far from being up to the mark. The hospitals in that area have very limited space and even lesser medical facilities. The buildings are tattered and have been declared extremely dangerous. This issue of ruined infrastructure is not restricted to hospital buildings, it covers the whole walled city.

Here’s the List to Answer Why We Say, “Lahore Lahore Hai”

In a nutshell, life in the walled city of Lahore has its own charms and attractions that no other place possesses. The basic needs of people are to be fulfilled in order to raise the standard of life. Only then Lahore would truly become such an asset that,

“If you haven’t seen Lahore, you haven’t even been born” –

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