Malala Yousafzai: From Swat Valley to Oxford University


Malala Yousafzai, a girl who was ambitious and had good aspirations for the future. She faced much hardship and adverse circumstances while going to school and studying there. The Swat operation was conducted to eliminate terrorists and terrorism altogether.

The Pakistan Army fought valiantly in the Swat region and during the operation the local population got displaced internally. But the terrorists suffered heavily and the place became peaceful and tranquil for long. But Malala and her family stayed in Swat and her father told her not to be afraid but have the belief in herself. Thus, Malala carried on assuredly and her learning never stopped for many months.

What Went Wrong?

But on October 9, 2012 circumstances begin to change. As Malala and her two friends boarded to go to school, they got targeted by a gunman. Malala was severely injured on the back of her head, as bullet went through it. Her friends were shot at the chest region respectively. All of them got treated in the Army hospital and apart from Malala recovered soon as well. They even narrated how and what happened to them.


The Treatment

Since Malala was seriously injured, it was decided to get her treated outside. Thus, she was taken to UK where she got medical treatment in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham. This took place on October 21, 2012 and Malala got sympathy from all over the world. It took her nearly three months to recover fully from the head injury and her expenses were borne by the Pakistani government respectively.


Malala Breaking the stereotypes

After Malala became well in January 2013, she was into the limelight for much time. The Western media in particular followed her and called her for different interviews and she even visited UK as well. She gained much recognition which was unlikely before and since she was young, she was looked upon with a bright future indeed. But she is not the Malala Yousafzai which she used to be while living in Pakistan.

Malala Yousafzai was 15 years old when the mishap occurred to her unfortunately. This meant that she was yet to graduate from school and had to pursue higher education for a good career ahead. Though she was intelligent, but had to learn and acquire more knowledge to justify her opinion and viewpoint for sure. She would have excelled well and pursued her choice of career if she hadn’t been targeted so badly in the year 2012.

The day came when she was transferred from Pakistan to abroad with no turning back later on. The West always has some agenda and some issue to create and then has its own say in every matter. They targeted a young girl who was innocent and had the spark that could change the lives of those around her and in Pakistan on the whole. But her wish and energy were halted and that till today we don’t know what she is thinking and planning about her future here or elsewhere in the world.

The Girl is Going Places

She was awarded with many awards like National Malala Peace Prize 2011, Mother Teresa Award 2012, Ambassador of Conscience Award 2013, The US Glamour Award 2013, Sakharov Award 2013, United Nations Prize in the Field of Human Rights 2013, Simone de Beauvoir Prize 2013, Goodreads Choice Awards for Best Memoir and Autobiography 2013 and the Nobel Peace Prize 2014 as well. These are just so many awards in such a less time which were given not for her work but rather for her being a girl having positive thoughts about education and its significance in life.

The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded too soon and that she still needs to learn and become a graduate seeing her age and time. She just cannot be compared with others who are older and much experienced than her. There are many who still have not earned a Nobel Peace Prize Award despite doing wonderful work and contributions in their fields. We don’t know whether she is studying further or not and will she return to Pakistan or not as well.

The Real Question

Whatever the Western agenda regarding Malala Yousafzai does not look good for her and for Pakistan. Born in Pakistan, Malala should have grown and progressed here. She could have got best education in the major cities of Pakistan and the government should have supported her respectively. The country needs good visionary people which would work towards the betterment of education, health and living. But the skilled people are going abroad where they can excel and be respected of their work.

Now, that Malala Yousafzai is out of Pakistan, the new chapter for her in Pakistan is out of question and cannot be perceived at all. For us she is a lost girl and the Swat Valley will no longer echo her name, presence and existence for which she yearned to make good for all the people indeed.


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