Masarrat Misbah – A True Influencer And Philanthropist


Masarrat Misbah is one of the most famous and influential women in Pakistan. She is known for her amazing artistry in the fields of cosmetics and makeup. She received training in the art of makeup from the notable training centres from around the world based in USA, UK and some parts of Europe including Germany and France.

Early Life

She spent her early life in Karachi. She was the eldest of the six brothers and sisters. Because of this, from the beginning of her life, she was aware of the responsibility that was on her shoulders. She later used the same realization in her life to be aware of the problems of those around them and help them cope with it.

Early Career

After graduation from St Joseph college in Karachi and receiving formal training in makeup and skin care, Masarrat Misbah started her own beauty parlour named Depilex in Karachi. Her beauty parlour soon became a recognized beauty salon because of her impeccable makeup skills and the cosmetics brand that she used, most of which were international. Another factor that contributed to her success was that at that time, there were very few beauty salons in the country and establishing one in the former capital of the country attracted a lot of women.

Masarrat misbah

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Now, she is an established beautician and has done many Pakistani fashion shows with leading designers and models in the Pakistani fashion industry. After so many years of hard work and passion, her salon has expanded it’s branch network through out the country and also across the borders. She now has beauty parlours in Dubai, USA and in 30 different cities of Pakistan.

She has also served as a teacher of Beauty Therapy at Shaw College and West of England College, both located in the United Kingdom.

NGO and Philanthropy Projects

Acid attacks in Pakistan are one of the dilemma in the country. Masarrat Misbah realized that acid attacks on women robs them of their beauty and features. She felt the need to help such women and came with the idea of an NGO that helps in the rehabilitation of these women.

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Her foundation is named Depilex Smileagain Foundation which is aimed at helping victims of acid attacks from around the country. Her efforts in philanthropy are indeed notable.


Awards and Achievements

For her efforts in support of acid attack victims, she was also given an appreciating award by the Italian government on the occasion of Women’s Day. Their government realized her efforts and tireless commitment towards helping burns that are caused as a result of Acid attacks on women.

Awards for Massrat

The Pakistani government also recognised her philanthropist efforts and awarded her with the honorary Presidential Award of Pakistan in 2010.

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She has become a note worthy figure in the world now and has been a part of many motivational talks during conferences and seminars around the world based on the themes of philanthropy, beauty and social issues.

Masarrat Misbah Makeup Brand

She started her makeup brand to bring international standard makeup cosmetics to the Pakistani buyers. The colours and makeup tones of her makeup line is designed by keeping the Pakistani complexion and skin tone in mind. Her brand features a wide range of Lip Varnishes, Lip Glosses, Blush-ons, Highlighters, Eye-shadows, Eye-liners, Mascaras, Face Powders and Foundations.

Massrat Make up

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Claiming to be the first and only Halaal Makeupbrand in the country, her label quickly gained fame for being easily accessible and quite wearable.

Masarrat Misbah is indeed a contemporary role model for every kind of women in the country whether she is associated with the field of makeup and beauty or not. Her life is an example of how you can. Achieve something so big from a small foundation. It reminds you that no matter how famous or privileged you become, you must always keep others in mind. Her life is a lesson for everyone to be more compassionate and help those who are less privileged or are in any kind of pain. Using your ability or talent to help someone in need is a noble things to do. Something you will be rewarded for in this life and the hereafter. Thus, she remains a role model for Pakistani women with all her praise worthy skills and qualities.

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