Muniba Mazari Our Very Own Super Girl – A Symbol of Hope And Inspiration


Muniba Mazari may seem like an ordinary girl with exceptional talent but in reality she is a symbol of women empowerment and women dominance for Pakistani women. Muniba Mazari is a Pakistani artist and motivational speaker. Along with that, she has also modeled for brands serving for a noble cause and is also a women rights activists. She also has the honor of being Pakistan’s Ambassador for UN Women Pakistan and is the first and only Pakistani wheelchair bound model.

Early Life:

Born on March 3rd, 1987 in a Baloch home, Muniba Mazari is currently 30 years old. Her family is from Rahim Yaar Khan and she also spent her early childhood in that city. Her early education was from the local schools and colleges after which she went on to get a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts.

Life Changing Accident:

In 2007, Muniba was travelling to her home town, Rahim Yaar Khan with her husband. During the drive, her husband fell asleep and drove the car into a ditch leaving Muniba paraplegic for life. As a result of the horrific accident, Muniba lost the ability to use her legs. After staying in the hospital for over 2 years, she was finally sent home on a wheel chair; a companion she was to have along with her for the rest of her life.

Muniba Mazari Son

image courtesy: Muniba Instagram

Due to her disability, her husband divorced her. Muniba has an adopted son named Nehal who is her most loving support at the moment. She gives all credit to her mom and brother. Her mom was her beacon of hope in that time of misery as she constantly supported her and never let her lose the spirit. Her brother helped her pursue her dream of painting.


Muniba Mazari is established not only as a painter but also as a TV host and a Motivational speaker. She initially posted her painting on her blog called Muniba’s Canvas. Her slogan ‘Let your Walls Wear Colors’ say a lot about her vibrant and lively paintings. Therefore, using oil pastels, she paints her ideas and images on to the canvas and her paintings are much approved and loved among those who have a taste for art.

Muniba Mazari ArtImage courtesy: Muniba Instagram

Success as Motivational Speaker

She works as an anchor on Pakistan Television as the first wheelchair bound TV anchor. Her journey for motivational speaking started with her TED EX talk where she told everyone about her life journey and how she came back to life from a time of utmost misery and pain. She tries to instill the idea of being happy for the life you are given and celebration of this life in people.


Here’s an inspiring video from Muniba:

Muniba Mazari – Live Every Moment

Pakistan's Iron Lady Muniba Mazari will tell you why failure is an option, but giving up is notTo watch the full video in HD or to embed it on your website, go here:

Posted by Goalcast on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Modeling and Brand Ambassador

Muniba Mazari is an inspiration for Pakistani women as she was chosen as Pakistan’s Female Goodwill Ambassador by the United Nations entity for Empowerment of Women and Gender Equality.

She has modeled for the popular brand, Toni n Guy. Furthermore, she is the brand ambassador for Body Shop Pakistan and is also included in the Ponds Miracle Team.

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Toni & guy

Image Courtesy:

Biggest Achievement of Muniba Mazari

Her biggest achievement to date is a feature in BBC Top 100 Women list for 2015. She was considered for this list for her tireless efforts for women empowerment in the country. She has spread awareness about women’s rights, child abuse, domestic violence and other social issue through various campaigns.

Muniba Mazari Food Drive

Image Courtesy: Muniba’s Instagram

Muniba Mazari has been a role model for Pakistani women for the past many years. She is there to boost the spirits of broken ones at every occasion be it APS attack or earth quakes. Muniba is the beacon of hope our country needs right now. Muniba Mazari teaches us to be like castle, castles are a symbol of strength. She is an epitome of strength and courage for everyone who is facing tough circumstances in life right now. Muniba Mazari’s life is an example for us. Anyone can achieve their goals and make a change in the world if their heart is in the right place and they put all their hard work into something.

We need more women like her in the country to ensure women empowerment in the country. Pakistan is proud to have a daughter like Muniba Mazari who is making the whole national proud on national level and on international forums by being a symbol of bravery and goodness.

Featured Image by: Women’s Web

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