13 Times Pakistani Politicians Made Us Proud, No. 3 is Wow


From scandals to frauds, Pakistani politicians always find their way into the spot
light. At times, they baffle you with their bizarre statements. And at other moments,
they would just act in the most unprofessional of ways to embarrass you. However,
there have been times when our politicians have made us proud.
Yaqeen nahi a rha?
We have a list of some politicians that made us proud at some point in time.

1. Imran Khan

Imran Khan is the Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e- Insaaf which is currently the
biggest opposition party. Everyone remembers the time in 1992 when Khan did us
proud by leading Pakistan into the ICC World cup finals and emerging victorious.
Glorious, Indeed. However, he has some other achievements under his belt too. He
served as the Vice Chancellor of University of Bradford from 2005 to 2014. He has
received numerous awards including the Jinnah Award and an honorary degree from
the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh for his services to cancer patients.
Quite recently, Imran Khan made us proud by receiving the 3 rd ranking in the World’s
Top Nine Leaders list made by Global Post.

ran khanima

2. Muhammad Sarwar

Muhammad Sarwar was the 35 th Governor of Punjab who remained in office from
2013 to 2015. While many people might not know this, Sarwar was elected as MP for
Glasgow Govan in 1997. He was the first Muslim MP in The Great Britain. He was
also the first Asian MP to represent a Scottish constituency. He swore his Oath of
Allegiance on the Holy Quran. He recently received an honorary PhD degree from
University of West of Scotland.


3. Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar

This guy is probably one of the most underrated Pakistani politicians of all times. Serving as the Sports Minister of Sindh, Sardar Bux Khan seems like an average
young man. Except that, he is not. He hasn’t exactly won any accolades to make us
proud. But he has a killer sense of fashion. That’s something Pakistanis hardly find in
their politicians. Most of our politicians are old men and women supporting the 90s
trends even in this century. Bux Khan is a fresh wave of young blood in Pakistani
Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan

4. Pervez Musharraf (the Famous yet Notorious Pakistani Politician)

Former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf has also made us proud many
times. He has various accolades to his name including Sitara-e- Imtiaz, Imtiazi Sanad
and Tamgha-e- Basalat.

Parveez Musharaf

5. Sherry Rehman

Senator Sherry Rehman is not only a pretty face. She has done some pretty cool
stuff to make us all proud. She was the first Pakistani woman to be recognised for
journalism by the UK House of Lords in their Muslim World Awards Ceremony. She
has also won the International Human Rights Commission Awards for her services to
human rights. Furthermore, she has been titles “Democracy’s Hero” by International
Republican Institute.
sherry rehman

6. Asad Umar

Member of National Assembly and PTI worker, Asad Umar is one work-oriented guy. He is one of the most famous Pakistani Politicians recognized all over the world. He was the only employee of Exxon Chemical Pakistan based in Canada. As the CEO and President of Engro Polymers and Chemical, he turned a chemical
company into a conglomerate.
Pretty impressive, no?


7. Dr. Tahir-ul- Qadri

Dr Tahir-ul- Qadri is not only a Pakistani politician but is also a religious scholar. He
made not only us but the whole Islamic world immensely proud by issuing his Fatwa
against terrorism. The US State Department acknowledged this fatwa and said that it
wanted to take Islam back from terrorists. Qadri was appreciated all over the world
by Muslim for his intellectual Jihad against terrorists. He also organised an anti-
terrorism camp at the University of Warwick to tackle extremism in Britain.

Tahir ul qadri fatwa

8. Hina Rabbani Khar (One of the most famous female Pakistani politicians)

Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hina Rabbani Khar was talked about because of her lavish sense of fashion and her designer bags. But that is not the only thing to discuss her. She is a reason of pride for every woman in Pakistan. She was the youngest, aged 33, and the first female Foreign Minister of Pakistan. A record she still has to her name.



9. Benazir Bhutto

Benazir Bhutto made us all proud by becoming the First Female Prime Minister of
the Islamic world. She has since then been a role model for Muslim women around
the world. Her ideology and legacy are praised by even the Western world.

10. Yasmin Rashid

Yasmin Rashid, one of the famous Pakistani Politicians is a PTI worker. She has made us all proud because of her achievements in the field of Medicine and Gynaecology. The politician was the Head of Medical Association Lahore. She also served as Head of the obstetrics and gynecology department at King Edward Medical College Lahore.
Dr Yasmeen Rashid

11. Farooq Sattar (one of the Robinhood Politicians of MQM)

Member of MQM, Farooq Sattar isn’t exactly much famous amongst the lot. Believe
it or not but he has an MBBS from Karachi University. He made everyone proud by
boycotting the MQM London wing. He created MQM Pakistan, a political party that
recognizes the constitution of Pakistan and follows it.
farooq satar

12. Babar Awan

Babar Awan is one of the most influential politicians of Pakistan. His life is a matter
of pride for any middle-class individual in the country. Coming from a small village
and a middle-class family, Awan grew up to make his place in the country. He is an
author, lawyer, columnist, politician and analyst. Phew ! Itna kuch?

13. Maleeha Lodhi

Maleeha Lodhi is another symbol of pride for all the Pakistani Politicians in the female section. She has been appointed as the Permanent Representative of Pakistan at the United Nations. She talks about Pakistan’s struggle against terrorism and shows the positive image
of Pakistan on international forums. Furthermore, she is also a diplomat and military
Maleeha Lodhi

These politicians might have their ups and downs. However, we have to admit that they do make us proud often. Wanna know

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