Have You Been “Sarahah – FIED” Lately? Let’s Talk About It


A new viral Application on the Internet by name “Sarahah”. Sarahah is a big innovation of Zain al-Abidin from Saudi Arabia with both positive & negative aspects. Millions of Social Media users have seen the Sarahah’s post on their Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds. It is almost everywhere around the internet… It has become very popular, especially on the Facebook. You must’ve seen many posts shared by your friends on Facebook about this app. Wondering what is it all about? Let’s get all your questions answered here.

The utmost reason why this app became popular in such short time is that it panders to the narcissist within us. For a long time, the numbers of users grown on Facebook and Instagram, two more platforms that are essentially all about self-obsession, the app provides another platform that helps Social Media users smart under the impression that the world revolves around them. The reason for the app’s huge popularity is that we can send a message anonymously to other Sarahah users, Sarahah allows a user to get the direct feedback ‘a constructive one’ from the world. It could be any advice, confession, spam, grudge or mean messages. But all of them are about the user and the Internet love it so much.

Sarahah vs Personal Life

Let’s talk about its effect on people’s personal life. The Popular and viral App Sarahah which is the Arabic word of “Honesty”. The application helps you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and your friends in a private manner.

This app is totally forbidden especially for those people who get offended by the negative or offensive message. This will disturb their minds in a negative way. Most users complain of getting explicit and objectionable messages from anonymous users.

Most people with negative intentions are also satisfying their egos and desires with Sarahah. People always find negativity in anything they interact with. Some reports claim that a bunch of people have been misusing the application and using it as a means of cyberbullying. Contrary to its anonymous message feature, the Sarahah app has proved to be harmful to users. It has exposed them to hatred or undue harassment from other users. The app has become a major platform for cyberbullying. People are harassing females with pervert comments and all this is leading to depression. Although you have privacy options to hide your profile in search options, limit your audience, and remove your profile’s access for unauthorized users. Moreover, its free version is available on iOS & Android app stores.

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  1. […] Sarahah according to me is the most useless app developed in the history of the development of all apps. Why on Earth would someone develop an app; where you can’t even reply to the people who texted you. We, Pakis mostly used it to highlight our dushmani with people and messaged them abusive and full of criticism texts. But for me there was no faida to it because kia faida iss app ka jb ap agly ko galio bhara reply ni kr skty ar na he bhigo bhigo k juttay mar skty hain. So, kindly mere behno aur bhaiyo who download and use this app: […]

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