The Real Problem Between Pakistan and Afghanistan – RESOLVED 2019

Keep one thing in mind Afghanistan problem with Pakistan has never been Taliban or terrorism its the Durand line stop taking those illiterate self-proclaimed desi experts on facebook seriously who want you to believe it all started because Pakistan supported anti-Soviet guerilla groups or backed the USA in the war on terror. They don’t even know what they are talking about.

The Postage Stamp from Afghanistan

This is a postage stamp issued by the Government of Afghanistan in 1974. Look how it officially peddles irredentism and territorial conquest in Pakistan.

It’s the same year when Afghan president Muhammad Daoud Khan was sponsoring the 1970s Baloch insurgency that Pakistan defeated only after sacrificing the lives of 3,000 soldiers. For comparison, consider the fact that America has lost only over 2,000 in its whole 18-year war in Afghan.

While Muhammad Daoud Khan was massively arming a large-scale secessionist insurgency in Pakistan, on international forums he was denouncing Pakistan for being genocidal toward the Baloch people.

Moreover, for all of Afghanistan’s rhetoric about reuniting the Pashtun people from both sides of the border, the envisioned Loy Afghanistan includes all of Balochistan too because that province has a coastline. That’s where Daoud sponsored the insurgency.

This act was what made Pakistan chafe under decades of Afghan expansionist aggression, decide enough is enough, and begin its policy of intervention and strategic depth, which the Afghans and their sympathizers howl about today, acting like innocent victims.

All those who denounce Pakistan’s policies in Afghanistan since the mid-1970s are never fair-minded enough to also denounce Afghanistan’s relentless expansionist rampage against Pakistan that had started since even before Pakistan’s creation.

Why am I writing this?

Since yesterday, I am seeing posts not to call Afghanis “namak haram” despite them chanting anti-Pakistan slogans and even physically assaulting Pakistani fans in the stadium because apparently, their hatred for Pakistan is justified because we sponsored proxies in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

I would actually agree with that logic and agree that their hatred is justified IF world history started in the 1980s. After all, in the 1980s we (along with US and Saudis) did sponsor an insurgency in Afghanistan that wrecked the country and continues to haunt Afghanistan to this day. That part of history is not in dispute. BUT:

The fatal flaw with that narrative is that it completely ignores everything that happened before the 1980s. From 1947, Afghanistan had laid claim to roughly 70% of Pakistan’s total territory (by claiming Balochistan, FATA, and KPK as theirs). They became the only country in the world to vote against Pakistan’s admission to the UN. However, that was only the start. For the next 30 years, Afghanistan would openly talk about breaking parts of Pakistan away. They would go on to sponsor Pashtun ethnic-nationalist insurgencies in Pakistan. They would lend support to Baluchistan insurgents. At times, Afghani forces even crossed the borders and occupied strategic bridges inside Pakistani territory.

It was only after 3 DECADES of Afghan proxies wreaking havoc in Pakistan that we armed proxies of our own, which ultimately caused a collapse of their country.

So make no mistake, the problems in Afghanistan are of their own making. Afghanistan provoked Pakistan for 30 years before we were forced to do what we did.

And once Afghanistan did collapse, Pakistan accepted 4 million refugees from a country that was hell bent on destroying Pakistan. We housed those refugees, let them buy land, let them take jobs; let them do businesses here (even though a lot of countries don’t give these rights to refugees). Even after that, these people grow up to chant “Pakistan Murdabad”, “Hindustan Zindabad”. If this is not Namak Haraam, I really don’t know what is.

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