Top 10 Sasta and Desi Food Places in Lahore


Dressing well is the second best thing in Lahore, yes desi khabas are still the first best thing. No other city had able to defeat Lahore in this field. It won’t be wrong to say that Lahore is the hub of desi food. Trust me many of us (student specially) can’t afford those fancy eateries which put us in the state of begging for the whole month. Exploring restaurants is such a fun, sometimes we come up with totally “eww pathetic” kind of comment and sometimes, “MAN! Who is the chef” type comments. So let’s just read and explore desi affordable dhabas plus delicious Khabas which you won’t regret trying.

1. Whatta Paratha Johar town:

Whatta pratha
An open air eatery, which offer best Parathas of Lahore. Light, soft and unique flavor will
surely compel you to try it again and again. Guess what? This eatery is totally pocket
friendly. So yes, now you can give economical treat to your friends too.

2. Dogar restaurant DHA:

Dogar resturent
Are you suffering with craving of desi khaba? If it is Malai Boti or Chicken Achari handi?
Dogar restaurant is the best place to fulfill this craving. Other than this they also serve
tempting desi breakfast. So just kick start your vehicle and rush to this desi dhaba.

3. Butt Karahi Lakhshmi Chowk, Lahore:

butt karhai
This is the famous Karahi of walled city Lahore. As it is located at McLeod Road
Lakhshmi Chowk. If you haven’t tried it yet, are you a real Lahori?

4. Khada Chicken, Chullu Roast Barkat Market:

khada chicken
End of the month? Just left with small amount of money? You don’t have to worry anymore because this Desi Dhaba is super economical for your pocket. This little eatery
has the best roast in Lahore. So, those who love desi khabay should try this one too.

5. Amratsari Hareesa shop, Gawalmandi:

This is the oldest Hareesa shop in Lahore. They serves best Hareesa with hot crispy
Kulchas. Yes it’s totally mouthwatering. This is a must try place of Lahore and
economical as well.

6. Feeka Lassi House, Gawalmandi:

feeqa lassi
If you are deciding for some delicious breakfast do not forget this buttery Lassi. Even
your grandparents have also tried it many time. A perfect desi dhaba with desi khaba.

7. Sarak py Karak Model town:

sarak py karak
For Chai and Paratha lovers out there. This roadside eatery is offering Karak Chai with
yum food. So those who are madly Chaiholic as well as fond of desi food must try it.

8. Qalandari Daal Chawal, Model Town:

daal chawal
Best combination of Daal, Chawal and Raita is here at Qalandari. A true desi food of Lahoris. The obsession of Daal Chawal is endless for Lahoris. I don’t think so any you can resist without trying it.

9. Waris Nihari Anarkali:

This Nihari shop is going to be one of your favorite because they are serving extra tasty
and little spicy nihari which attracts people from all over the city. Put this place to visit
next time for lunch or breakfast.

10. Nishat Takatak Lakhshmi Chowk:

nishat takatak
The classy taka tak and Gurday Kapooray are all time favorite of Lahoris. Nishat is the
best name for this dish.

Feeling hungry now? Do not wait anymore and go try one of these places to fulfill your appetite of desi khaba on a desi dhaba.

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