UOL Cylinder Blast Took Life of Innocent Student – Here’s her Story Shared by her Brother

UOL cylinder blast

What if you wake up with a daunting fear of losing your loved ones?  Or think this very day will be the last one to live on? That’s how life looks like in the ICU. Dark, hopeless and panicking. It is distressing both for the patient and his family members. Life demands to be lived with fulfillment. Hectic schedules, ambitions, and priorities make us forget the harsh reality of our life. Which can be best described as fragile and unpredictable. There are certain horrors associated with a sudden disaster. Most of us are struck by one once in a lifetime. While some may seem lucky to escape others have to pay the price of demise. The UOL cylinder blast was one of them.

Such incidents entirely change the course of the victim’s life and people revolving around it. As so for me, it was a normal morning until a phone call hit me like a bullet from blue. I got informed about the insane incident of cylinder burst that took place in the UNIVERSITY OF LAHORE. 5 girls involving my own sister were victimized.

It all happened within split seconds

They were severely burnt. At the nick of time, I was literally in a dilemma. After being informed I just hurriedly rushed towards the hospital. My motive was all straight in my head. I had to provide all the necessary support and motivation to my sister regardless of her critical condition. I had to instantly engage her in a conversation. Purpose was to inject quick hope and lessen the psychological intensity and severity of the monster she had gone through. Reaching there, I started searching for my sister. My heart was full of feelings like trepidation, qualm, and courage. As they were all severely burnt, it was a bit hard to recognize my sister.

UOL cylinder blast

Watching critical victims lie down with dolor, my heart raced. I began to lose my nerve. At last, I recognized her but what to say I was shocked to see her in such a terrible condition. The first thing I noticed about her was face. The babyface I had seen for years had completely singed. Her hair burnt to a shorter length and there were wounds all over her body. I, at that time, gathered all the courage I had in myself and stepped towards her.

Being downhearted I asked how she was and she merely replied:” I AM ALIVE”. I boosted myself up and started motivating her cause at that time the sole thing she needed was hope. So, I did. She was quite understanding what I was saying to her. I was somewhat relieved by her positive response. Meanwhile, my mother and aunt came. Upon watching her daughter in such a condition.

My mother went into shock and my Aunt fainted. Maham upon watching all this self-motivated her. Against all odds, she made her mind to live for her parents and family. Regardless of the trauma, she went through, she was self-motivated and hopeful. She was a bit tensed about her face. I affirmed her nothing bad had happened and that it will recover on its own. She was then taken to get resuscitated. During this, I was in the confusion that whether they will be able to deal with her or not? Then I came to know that it was the 4th best hospital for burns treatment.

Doctors told me that 60% burns according to them were severe for a person to survive! I just bore it all down and prayed for her recovery. She was then shifted to the ICU. Being curious I again visited and motivated her. She just nodded and uttered INSHALLAH at whatever I said. During the days of survival, I could see a mystic satisfaction on her face. This was easily notable by visitors too. She actually had so much will power and courage. No one could ever compete in my opinion! She pretended to be normal and painless in front of her near and dear ones.

Whenever asked about the pain she responded being absolutely fine. We couldn’t even imagine the pain she was bearing! She covered herself in a garb of being normal and painless. She fought with those painful circumstances with ultimate bravery and courage. There was never a sign of pain in front of others. She didn’t allow to contact her parents to give the news of her injury. She didn’t let them call her parents.

Instead, she asked to contact his brother(ME). This UOL cylinder blast That is called real BRAVERY! That is called COURAGE! That’s called FEARLESSNESS! Her eyes showed satisfaction, there was no room of death or fear whatsoever.  The extremity of the blast could be predicted by the critical and fortuitous situation of the victims.

Brave girls fought between life and death

Zimal Sheikh was 90% burnt and Tayyaba Salman was 45% burnt! The remaining two were also severely injured. Some girls fell prey to depression. But on the other hand, Maham was extremely motivated. She was hopeful and pretended as nothing had happened! This hope and courage could be expressed by her gestures and courageous statements she made. She would thank people upon paying visits and waved at them. She always said she was fine and would recover soon. Relatives who visited her were really amazed to see her courage and will power. She passed them flying kisses and waved at them all!

Whenever my parents visited her the sole courageous statement she uttered was “I AM A SOLDIER! I AM A SOLDIER WHO IS INJURED IN A BATTLE AND NOW FIGHTING TO RECOVER!” and then she SALUTED them in a pleasant manner! Her hope and courage was the POWERHOUSE for my parents and near dear ones! She had told her friends to wish her goodbye with smiles on their faces. I was also in a confusing state how to stabilize that disturbing situation, who I could condole!!

UOL cylinder blast took her life

My parents or my relatives or my sister! But what I didn’t know that my own sister was condoling everyone. From my parents to farthest relatives! I damn can’t explain the condition of ourselves. Those sleepless nights, those disturbing thoughts, those unexpected moments to be! But the only direct desire was her RECOVERY! But we were not aware of the zigzagging plan that Allah had made for her! Even in her last days, she didn’t lose hope and acted as a soldier! She passed through severe hardships but didn’t show a bit of it! How someone can be so tolerant! I must say BRAVE! But again she behaved normally. She was living for others she had become SELFLESS!

I myself was trying to motivate her by giving motivational speeches. On her last visit with mom, she said:” MOM, GET IN FRONT OF ME!” She just wanted to stare at her for a long time. She was capturing her picture in her heart! My aunt would talk about her brave and hopeful comments every time she returned feeding her.

Maham told her how she managed to put out the fire feeding on her body all by herself. In her last day, she would tell her friends to recite her some Quranic verses especially Surah Rehman. Everyone was mesmerized by her bravery and courage!! She was a REAL SOLDIER and is a live example for the youth!! On her last day, she got a pulmonary Cardiac Arrest and vanished away. Away from us, away from the joys and colors of the world and this mortal life! She was powerful, not because she wasn’t scared but because she went on so strongly despite the fear.

As it is said:“Live for yourself and you will live in vain, live for others and you will live again”

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