10 Things That Makes You Say “Lahore Lahore Hai”


1. 24/7 arrangement for satisfying your food cravings!

As Lahore is considered the “Food Capital” of Pakistan, it will definitely satisfy your midnight, 4AM or any AM or PM cravings! You just name the food, and there’s a place for it, always opened for you.

Lahori food
Image Source: lahorigate.co.uk

You’ll find dhaabas, the best and even international restaurants, cafes, ice-cream parlors and cuisines here.

2. The most amazing and innumerate historical places for you within the city!

Badshahi Mosque
Image Source: i.ytimg.com

Feel like changing your profile photo or making a dashing comeback on social media with your slaying pictures and with the most amazing backgrounds? You surely know where to head. From Badshahi Mosque to Food Street to Shalimar Baagh to Lahore Fort to the Thirteen Gates and the narrow streets, all enrich and add to the culture and diversity of the city.

Once you decide to visit any of them, you definitely will lose track of time, forgetting about the struggles of daily life and just breathe without blinking your eyes.

3. Shopaholics, we have M.M. Alam for you!

MM Alam Road Lahore
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M.M. Alam is the most, most exciting place for people who love shopping. There are endless brands, with sales all over the year, sometimes huge sales and sometimes disappointment in the name of sales.

You can get the best clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry etc. Just make sure you hold your hands and don’t spend all your savings in one day once you go there! And yeah! We have the best food here too!

4. The patriotism trigger, WAGAH BORDER!

Wagah Border Lahore
Image Source: http://pakistani.pk

Just visit the place on 14th August, 6th September or even on any other day, my God! It must and will give you goose bumps and even tears out of nowhere!

The strong feeling and love that you feel while raising the slogans of “PAKISTAN ZINDABAD” and “NAARA E TAQBEER, ALLAH O AKBAR” will make you proud and sentimental both, at the same time.

5. And how can you forget the LAHORIS?

Lahori People
Image Source: NM Photography

Lahoris, like their city are the most enchanting, enthusiastic, lively, friendly and hospitable people around. You won’t feel bored or ignored when you are with a Lahori.

If or if you have already visited a Lahori friend or relative, you would know the struggle of putting huge amounts of such large variety of foods into yourselves and dealing with the horrible night! Check out this list for the yummiest Desi Khabay in Lahore

6. Roller coaster rides for everyone!

Image Source: pakiholic

The countless flyover rides definitely reminds us of a roller-coaster. Bridges here, there, everywhere. And how can we forget the famous Joy land.

7. From the largest malls to Anarkali, we have it all!

We have the largest malls of the country i.e. Emporium, Mall of Lahore, Packages Mall etc.
Emprium Mall Lahore
And at the same time we have those tiny little shops in the narrowest streets in Anarkali, Shahadmi or Ichraa.

8. The charm of studying in the oldest and best institutes!

Lahore has some of the most ancient institutes and it is an honor and pride to get a chance to study in them. They include Convent of Jesus and Mary, Kinnaird College for Women, Lahore College, NCA, GCU and much more!

GCU Lahore
Image Source: noticeboard.pk

9. The Lahore Zoo!

Who can forget the biggest zoo of the country? Yes, Lahore has it! The Lahore zoo was established in the year 1872. It is one of the major attractions for the locals as well as the tourists. You can definitely spot a Goraa Sb whenever you visit the place.
Lahore Zoo
Oh and yes! Can there be a better place to visit on Eids, Independence Day or New Year other than the zoo? (Personal advice, never ever visit the zoo on weekends or on holidays, you’ll be lost in the massive crowd or might not be able to breathe!!)

Image Source: pakistantoursguide.pk

10. Decorations on festive nights are just awesome!

Lahore Canal Decoration
Image Source: thenews.com.pk

Go out with friends or family on nights like Chaand raat, 14th August, 6th September, New Year or the start of Spring, you will be amazed to see the beautiful and colorful lightings on the Mall Road, historical buildings, the Canal and the flyovers! The city just doesn’t sleep!

Horns, Rickshaws, lights, and life all around make you go crazy and enjoy to the fullest!


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